Mike Brown

These stereotypes have not only been used in the past to perpetuate violence against Men of Color. They’re ever-present factors in how Black and Brown men navigate the world. Image: Thinkstock.

4 Racist Stereotypes White Patriarchy Invented To 'Protect' White Womanhood

Men of Color, especially Black men, have historically been coded as animalistic abusers and r*pists when it comes to white women. This stems from the idea that Men of Color literally want to steal and sully the belongings of white men. In turn, it becomes the “duty” of white men to protect white women — not because they truly care about white women, but because white women are the property of white men.

Protesters at the Berekely Police Department

Eyes Or Ears, But Never The Voice: A Reminder To White Protestors From A White Ally

Yeah, sure, okay, Berkeley protestors, #AllLivesMatter—but not all lives are on the line.

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Searching For My Religion In The Season Of Advent

In the aftermath of Ferguson, thinkers of color have been vocal in calling out the white Christian establishment (me) for its inaction.


From Oscar Grant To Eric Garner: A Photo Essay Of Oakland's Protest

Bearing witness to Oakland's protest against anti-black police violence the day Eric Garner's murderer went un-indicted.

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A Call Out To Fellow White Feminists: Ferguson Is A Reproductive Justice Matter

Ferguson is a feminist issue—for all of us.

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Ferguson Update: Cries Of Corruption Abound

Some are calling the judicial process for unarmed black teen Mike Brown "fraught." We have a different "f" word in mind.

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Why Ferguson, Missouri Has Become the Epicenter of Racist, USA

What we’re seeing is a country—our own little U.S. of A—grappling with a lengthy and sordid history of racism, questions of civil liberties, and myriad lives senselessly taken.