over 40

There is nothing a thinner body could give me that I do not already have. Image: Substantia Jones and The Adipositivity Project

I Got Naked For The Camera Because Fat Bodies Need To Be Seen

It’s a hard body to live in at times. But I live here. I wake up here and I go to sleep here. I go on vacation here and I wear a bikini here. I walk the streets here. I turn heads — and not in the way that people want to turn heads. I haul my fat ass up on my beach cruiser here. I take the criticism, the emails, the comments, and whatever other unpleasantries come with living in this body.

My biological clock, it ticks.

Trying To Get Pregnant At 40 Is The Hardest Thing I've Ever Done

If I truly believed I could simply buy my way to motherhood, though, I’d have maxed out my credit cards long ago. I suspect, however, that many of these products are simply too good to be true; they may work for a small group of women, but they aren’t a pregnancy panacea.