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It is hard in a way that you never imagined that a thing could be hard. It is IMPOSSIBLE.

Stop Saying 'It Can Be Difficult' — And Tell The Truth About Parenting

I think “It can be difficult” probably qualifies for the understatement of the century. There is just nothing in a phrase so casual and noncommittal that conveys anything like the reality of this labor of love. I’m not saying that we need to be all doom and gloom about parenting all the time — there are plenty of joys in parenting, and plenty of space to talk about those joys — but I do think that when we’re trying to talk about the hard parts, we should, you know, actually talk about the hard parts.

Laughter and hugs, people. Laughter and hugs.

3 Books That Helped Me Be A Better Parent

As a mom I've had days of frustration and annoyance. Some days it can be really hard to be a parent. Since my daughter is 2, any situation at any time can go from joyful to stressful (and sometimes dangerous) in a heartbeat.