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5. Are you taking care of yourself?

Frequently Asked Questions About My Neurodivergent Kid That Shouldn't Be Asked So Frequently

Every time I complain about the difficulty of parenting, whether the child is neurodivergent or absolutely 100% neurotypical, someone drops in my Read...
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What even is "normal?"

Why "Neurodivergent" Is The Best Term To Use For Autistic Or Special Needs Kids

What even is “normal?” My sister-in-law used to say “normal is just a setting on the washing machine.” I looked recently. my washing machine doesn’t Read...
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Will My Anxious Child Ever Have Friends?

The idea of trying to be friends with someone “different” might be more than a 5-year-old is meant to handle. Read...
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Are My Child's Special Needs My Fault?

Day three of “no.” Let’s get dressed. No. Let’s eat breakfast. No. Time to get our shoes on! No. Quickly, let’s get ready for school! We don’t want Read...
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