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No More Mr. Nice Country: Canada Battles Russia for North Pole Oil 

Our usually polite northern neighbor has put on its war paint.


Timelapse Map of World War I Shows Shocking Casualties, Little Movement

It’s the anniversary of the Great War, in which 16 million people died—but for what exactly?


Watch and Learn: Do You Know the Full American Empire?

The U.S. has territorial claims up the wazoo, not to mention some little-known citizen-swapping schemes with other countries.


China Exacts Revenge on Japan for 78-year-old Injustice

China seizes Japanese ship for a $30 million debt hailing from 1936—"Forgive and Forget" isn’t the en-vogue philosophy among post-World War II pacific nations.


Tiny Liechtenstein Loses Territory, Citizens Shrug

The mini country’s government recently redrew its borders to include less land and the world is generally baffled. While this might have sparked national outrage in most countries, Liechtenstein isn’t most countries.