Photo by Valeria Zoncoll on Unsplash

My Breast Pump And I Stayed Together For The Kids

When I met my breast pump, I was on the rebound from a breastfeeding relationship that hadn’t turned out the way I hoped

We waded through this uncomfortable place in our relationship.

I Knew It Was Time To Wean When Breastfeeding Became A Trigger 

When the time came, I knew. I felt it in my gut, and in my body, each time my muscles tensed up at her request to nurse.

Taking an actual break while my husband parents feels somehow subversive, no matter how often I do it.

Why It Doesn't Bother Me That My Daughter Prefers Her Daddy

My toddler’s recent preference for her father has gone from sub-textual to textual. She has no compunction about loudly pushing me away and requesting her dad instead. I’ve been reprimanded for even speaking to her on occasion — “Don’t talk to me, Mom! Don’t talk!”