Women's March on Washington

Life has been such an incredible journey, teaching me all about my own hypocrisy.

The Last Two Times I Marched 

A million things happened in the 12 years between the two marches — including learning about my own hypocrisy.

People all around the world in over 600 cities stood up, many for the first time, ready to be heard. (Image: Bryn Huntpalmer)

The Women’s March On Washington: White Women, It's Time To Walk The Walk

When I saw the plans for the Women's March on Washington, I immediately made plans to attend the local march in my hometown of Austin; but after a few flight checks and discussing logistics with my husband (we have two young kids), I decided to go to D.C. I texted a few of my girlfriends and one of them got on board as well. I finally had something to look forward to, a tiny glimmer of joy after the awful reality we were handed on November 8th.

No one said protests would be fun! (Photo: Aja Barber)

The Women's March On Washington: Pretty From Afar, Far From Pretty (And My Feet Hurt)

Aja Barber gives us her first-hand account of the Women's March — the good, the bad, and the ugly.