A digisexual is someone who chooses to mediate their sexuality through technology.

Are You A Digisexual? 

A digisexual is someone who chooses to mediate their sexuality through technology. Their sexual expression is also tied to technology not people. Read...
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My husband is mad that I don't want to watch porn. (Artwork: Tess Emily Rodriguez)

Ask Erin: My Husband Is Mad That I Don’t Want To Watch Porn With Him 

I have been with my husband for years. Porn has never been an issue. One night we watched it and now my husband is mad that I don't want to watch Read...
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Mark Salling

It's OK To Not Know How To Feel About Mark Salling's Suicide

Do I agree that [Mark] might be profoundly disturbed? [...]Yes. This is what makes this case that much complicated. Read...
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Spend most of your money on travel. Image: Andrew Phillips/Unsplash.

20 Non-BS Life Lessons I Learned By Age 30

Now that I’ve turned 30 (and wear caftans) I’m done reading vapid click-bait offering prosaic advice. This is not one of those articles. Read...
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Still here. Still queer. Image: Liz Lazzara.

Dating A Man Doesn't Negate My Queerness

If you see me with my partner, you’ll more than likely think that I’m a straight girl in a heterosexual relationship — and there’s nothing I hate Read...
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We can either stamp our feet and ban some of their activities, or hold their hands through the process so they can learn as they go and (hopefully) lose interest.

I Told My 10-Year-Old Son That If He Watched Porn, There Would Be Some Rules.

I had a rough idea of what I wanted to say to him about porn. The way I parent is to give my children all the information and then let them make Read...
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It was very different from the usual stuff I’d find on any search on PornHub on a lonely night.

What I Learned Working As A Niche Porn Mag Editor

It would be a lie to say that I worked for a feminist porn company — it was run by a pair of sleazy men who were obviously not in it to improve the Read...
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Hey, baby.

I Read Dinosaur Erotica And I Have So Many Feelings

Imagine a scenario in which these highly-evolved dinosaurs, instead of destroying an entire village and kidnapping women (SNORE), were actually Read...
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