For Six Days, I Almost Had HIV

All I heard was “positive." Read...
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Daily FYI: Dolphins Are Horny Sex Freaks

A new documentary illuminates the randy nature of adorable dolphins. Read...
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Quote of the Day: Helen Mirren Says, "I Never Felt the Need for a Child and Never Felt the Loss of It"

Helen Mirren has opened up about her choice to never have children. Here's why we're fist-pumping her honesty. Read...
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Behold! Japan and their Awesome Penis Festival

Thank you, Japan, for continuing to shock us with awesome weirdness. May we all kneel before the giant phallus of love and health in gratitude. Read...
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Sex Dolls! A Brief History and the Latest Incarnations

Rather than capturing the beautiful human spirit, these sex dolls look more like an exotic alien life form's dire attempt at disguising itself as an Read...
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Why The Grand Budapest Hotel's Bisexual Protagonist is a (Complex) Revelation

Wes Anderson's wonderful new film deftly defies conventions of sexuality with its bi, brash, effeminate hero. M. Gustave, we salute you! Read...
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