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STRUNG OUT: A First Look At Ask Erin's Much Anticipated Memoir

Ravishly presents an exclusive look at the cover and excerpt from of Strung Out, our very own Erin Khar's inspiring and enlightening memoir. Read...
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(Image courtesy of Krista Suh)

On Creating My Own DIY Rules For A WTF World

DIY Rules for a WTF World was written by the creator of the Pussyhat Project, LA-based screenwriter Krista Suh. That’s right! Read...
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What’s in a name? I don’t really know. Sometimes nothing. Sometimes everything. Image: NBC.

David Sedaris Named The Baby I Miscarried

It wasn’t the name I would have picked — not originally, at least — but as days turned into weeks, it grew on me. Read...
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The Hardest Working Counterculture Diva In Show Business

After dedicating all my efforts and hours of work and also spending some money to advertise and promote my “I’m Not Too Old to Give It Away" campaign Read...
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Goldman Sachs Elevator Snoop Revealed: Here, a Few Juicy Eavesdropping Gems

Along the lines of our recent article on Wall Street Read...
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