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Shawna, me, and Chromeo
Kegels?? Credit: Comedy Central's YouTube channel

Watch: "Sex Prep," In Which Amy Schumer Is Sad, Awesome—And Totally Right

Spontaneous sex? Ha! Getting ready to get it in is an all-day affair. Read...
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Sexts from Hannah? Of course I'll show you! Courtesy of Thinkstock

Hey Kids! Stop Sexting with this Handy New App

D.A.R.E. to keep kids off dick-pics. Just say no, teens, just say no. Read...
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Sex Toy + iPad: Your Long Distance Relationship Just Got More Interesting

Techie sex innovations like OhMiBod are changing the way we connect with—and stimulate—others. Read...
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Sleep Naked, Have a Happy Marriage?

A new study suggests that the key to marital joy is sleeping nude. Seriously? Read...
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Tinder and Grindr Use Skyrocket in Brazil: Is the World Cup the Place to Hook up? 

World cup condoms? Rise in Tindr use? What I wouldn't give to be in Brazil right now. Read...
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5 Hottest Relationships on Orange is the New Black

Piper and Larry? Please. These are the couples that really get us going. Read...
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Why I Support #NotAllMen: The Man Who Showed Me Guys Can Be Anti-Misogyny, Too

#NotAllMen reminds us that living in fear of men doesn't do the gender justice. One moment in my life always helps me remember that. Read...
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