Why “Just Eat in Moderation” Is A Destructive Response To My Disordered Eating

I can’t just eat in moderation—at least not yet. But I am fine-tuning and honing and perfecting my body with the honor, respect, and love of a hand- Read...
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My Personal Body Revolution Doesn't Need To Be Televised

If we as women get to define for ourselves what beauty looks like, then the power will no longer rest with those who pad their fortunes with our Read...
Joanna Schroeder    |   04.22.15   |   SHARE
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MommaBare Advice: How Do I Finally Make Peace With My Physical Appearance?

91% of women report dissatisfaction with their body. Ninety-one. I know you know math—that’s 9/10 of women. Read...
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Our Unhealthy Obsession With Being Thin—And What We Can Do About It

The new book Body of Truth questions our never-ending quest for the perfect physique. Read...
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A "Fat" Woman Responds To Her Body-Shaming Trolls

Actually, no, I'm not a gluttonous moron. Read...
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Kelly Clarkson's Weight Is Not News

As long as I can remember having paid attention to the media, I can remember a woman's weight—or body in general—being a news story. Read...
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My Meds Make Me Fat—But They're Worth It

Being a little bit chubby is better than being a lot dead. Read...
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The Dangerous Dance Women Do With Numbers

Women are not only defined by percentages, averages, and statistics. Read...
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