Road Trip? Here Are 6 Tips To Make Traveling With Kids Slightly Less Terrible

The holidays afford those of us with a car and nearby extended family (or potentially exciting vacation spots) the ability (responsibility?) to get Read...
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Will and Marcus, Courtesy of Facebook

Why About A Boy Is The Best Unconventional Christmas Movie

In a sea of overly sentimental drivel, this film feels refreshingly genuine. Read...
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When you hold travel up on some kind of pedestal, you sound classist as hell. Image: Joshua Earle/Unsplash.

Your Obsession With Travel Sure Feels Classist To Me

I don’t get out much — and it’s not because I’m boring or don’t have a sense of adventure or don’t care about learning about the larger world: It’s Read...
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Beyond Before & After: 5 Keys To Surviving (Even Enjoying?) The Holidays When Food Is EVERYWHERE

This week is baking week. No, not nationally or anything, but in my house, this week is the week all the things are made. I have a repertoire; it’s Read...
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Get the goods this year. (Image Credit: Thinkstock)

Holiday Gift Ideas For Pretty Much Everyone You've Ever Loved

We can never get enough handy gift guides, so we asked our lovely writer Aja what she has planned for her holiday shopping this year. Read...
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Keep the Grinch at bay with these tunes. (Image Credit: Briana (Breezy) Baldwin via Wikimedia Commons)

Holiday Albums That Aren’t Obnoxious

Nothing makes me get my Grinch on faster than glitter-bombed Christmas wrapping and nasally voices ringing in my eardrums at every store. The only Read...
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I will admit that nude hot springs are often the domain of thin white people. Kori and I are both melanin-blessed 250+ pound femmes. Image: author.

Two Fat Babes At The Naked Hot Springs

It all started with a text from my roomie, Kori: "I am manifesting lying out, and getting some sun on my cooch." Read...
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Gift-buying nightmare.

8 Annoying Holiday Errands, Ranked

6. Trader Joe’s on a Saturday afternoon. The claustrophobic aisles. The shockingly aggressive cart maneuvering. The impromptu mosh pit surrounding Read...
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