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Why Gigi Hadid Should Not Apologize To Melania Trump 

“I love my husband President Barack Obama and our children, Sasha and Malia,” ”These are the words that launched a hate campaign against poor Gigi Read...
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Stay informed, but also laugh a lot. (Image Credit: Angela George via Wikimedia Commons)

Top 11 Twitter Accounts To Follow To Up Your Politics Game

A few weeks ago, I thought we might actually celebrate the end of the 2016 election. (Ah, youth.) Clearly, because of who was in that race and who Read...
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#2016ElectionInAMovie Is Just What You Need, On The Friday Before The Scariest Election Ever

'Twas the Friday before the ELECTION FROM HELL, and all we needed was a good laugh... Read...
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For Your Gold-Medal Consideration: Leslie Jones And Her Twitter

What’s the greatest achievement of the Rio Olympics? Is it the success of Latin America’s first host nation, Brazil? Is it the extraordinary feats of Read...
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“Showing skin isn’t exclusive to smaller girls. It’s okay for a plus-size woman to let her body breathe in her clothing,” [Mariposa] said.

'We Wear What We Want' Is The Body Positive Movement We All Need

LA-based plus-size model Simone Mariposa has sparked a social media chain of women who refuse to let the opinions of others dictate their clothing Read...
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It all started with a 16-year-old French blogger named Adele Labo, who “suffered enormously” after being mocked by her classmates for refusing to shave. Image: Adele Labo.

'Princesses Have Hair': How A Teenager's Viral Hashtag Is Shaking Up Beauty Standards

For centuries — since the days of ancient Egypt, in fact — women have been going to immense lengths to remove their body hair. Plucking, shaving, Read...
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Still trying to heal from a difficult childhood and toxic parenting... Image: tranmautritam/Unsplash.

Why I Don't Find Sh*tty Mom Funny

[CN: Toxic parents] I am a big fan of inappropriate humor (especially when said humor is tinged with sarcasm), and I’m an even bigger fan of using Read...
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I am a social creature, and crave the sense of connection I find online. Image: Benjamin Child/Unsplash.

How I Manage My Social Media Anxiety

I used to be the kind of person whose every thought was fodder for Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. No matter how mundane, morbid, ridiculous, or Read...
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