Growing up I thought autism was just for folks like Rain Man.

How Walk-It-Off Culture Delayed My Autism Diagnosis  

Growing up I thought autism was just for folks like Rain Man, but my friends helped me realize that autism is a spectrum. Read...
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Halloween is my favorite time of year, and I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that I’m autistic.

I'm Autistic, And Halloween Is My Favorite Time Of Year

Halloween can be an autistic person’s worst nightmare with the sensory overload. Yet, I'm autistic and Halloween is my favorite time of year. Read...
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Growing Up With Autism And ADHD, I Had To Adapt My Own Education

The education system isn’t designed for students like me. From as early as preschool up through my master’s degree, I struggled in a traditional Read...
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I am proud of the fact that I pushed and continued to push for her autism evaluation, as this is where all the validation in the world has erased the sting of judgment from strangers.

Things Well-Meaning Adults Say To My Autistic Child

People should stop assuming things about my autistic child. Read...
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“Is autism my super power?” she asked me, giggling.

Being A Voice For My Daughter's Autism 

“Is autism my super power?” she asked me, giggling. Read...
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Kathy Lette and her son Julius

Here's What I Think About The Woman Who Almost Hired A Prostitute For Her Autistic Son 

There are neurotypical men who have just as much trouble finding relationships with women, men who want real love, and though I don't know for sure, Read...
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Stop Shaming Parents For Letting Their Kids Play With iPads On Family Outings

No shame. No room for good, old-fashioned, parent-shaming from ignorant onlookers who may have assumed my husband and I are too weak to ignore the Read...
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A new friend for a new generation of kids. (Image Credit: Instagram/@sesamestreet)

World, Meet Julia: Sesame Street Introduces New Character With Autism

Over the years, Sesame Street has been a pioneer in holding up a mirror to the lived experiences of children and giving them a friendly Read...
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