It took me over 10 years to make these stories, MY stories, public. Image: Thinkstock.

I Was Abused As A Child — Now I'm Writing My Own Story

Here’s the thing: I have benefited greatly from reading stories from others, the daring narratives of those who have histories similar to my own. We Read...
Jennifer Fliss    |   04.20.16   |   SHARE
Every article I find is an opportunity to think more critically about my own craft.

10 Tips That Made Me A Better (And More Productive) Writer

It would’ve been a whole lot easier if the writing fairy had dropped out of the sky and told me what to do, instead of wasting months and months Read...
Sam Dylan Finch    |   02.22.16   |   SHARE
writing as my own form of parenting

I Wanted To Be A Parent. So I Became A Writer Instead.

When I was honest with myself, it was clear that it wasn’t parenthood that I wanted. I just had a desire to be involved in the lives of young people Read...
Sam Dylan Finch   |   12.20.15   |   SHARE

The Writer's Struggle: A Peek Inside The Quest To Get My Brain Back

There comes a point in every writer’s life when their brain just refuses to work. Read...
Tamarah Rockwood    |   07.16.15   |   SHARE

Dear Son, I Used To Be A Porn Writer. Love, Mom

Before I was a mom, I was an X-rated writer. And I was actually pretty good at it. Read...
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Flash Fiction: A Restless Night On Earth

Like booster engines emptied of fuel, my limbs become disposable, useless tanks as the blood rushes from them. I adjust to the Read...
Kate Ryan    |   05.10.15   |   SHARE

Concrete Roots

In the photograph, my great-grandmother, Margarita Cirigliano, is sitting at a small table on the front porch of the family home in Borough Park, Read...
Catherine Gigante-Brown    |   05.6.15   |   SHARE
The writer, middle, with her friends Maureen and Janet

Why Do I Get To Be "Cancer Girl"?

If the odds of getting cancer are like Powerball, why couldn't I be a scratch-off millionaire? Read...
Catherine Gigante-Brown    |   04.15.15   |   SHARE