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The Worst Things Your Kid Can Learn On The Internet

Being aware that kids can discover some iffy stuff on the internet — and discussing what to do with the information — are the best ways to keep kids Read...
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 In my house, co-sleeping is a hard no.

Why You'll Never Find Me Co-Sleeping With My Child

When I check on our daughter before heading to bed myself, I have to do a quick scan around her full-size bed just to locate her. She is almost never Read...
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It’s easy to dismiss addiction as someone else’s problem, especially when you don’t look like an addict. Image: Jen Simon.

What It's Like To Expose Your Biggest Secret To The World — And Watch It Go Viral

I admitted to being an opioid addict in The Washington Post. I never thought I would tell my parents about my addiction, let alone the entire world, Read...
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"Go Find The Beauty In People And Tell Them": Interview With Calvin Liu, Co-Creator Of Outpour App

A new app is countering the often noxious world of online interactions via positive affirmations. We catch up with one of its founders. Read...
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The Internet War Rages On: "The Internet Slowdown" And "The Right To Be Forgotten" 

A not-so-sexy trifecta of net neutraility, "open Internet" and the "right to be forgotten" are the latest Internet bones of contention. Read...
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The Siri Revolution: Why Digital Personal Assistants are Cool and Creepy

Implicit personalization represents the next frontier in data mining. While undoubtedly cool, does it also cross the line on privacy intrusion? Read...
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