Fifth Harmony

The Unexplored Roots Of Girl Group: Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony is nobody's idea of a roots band. As a reality-show-launched girl group, they've Read...
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Admit it: This look is fierce

Justin Bieber Circa 2012—And Other Unexpected Style Inspirations

Also worth considering: Beyonce on vacation, Prince George, your mom in the '70s. Read...
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Credit: Wikimedia Commons

On Sexual Power, Mike Huckabee, Beyoncé—And Wonder Woman

Rather than seeing Beyoncé's sexual performance as linked to destruction, we can consider whether eroticism might be an alternative to violence. Read...
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The Latent Lesbianism Of Nicki Minaj's "Feeling Myself"

Female masturbation is sexy in part because it flirts with lesbianism. For male masturbation, it's a different story. Read...
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Taylor Swift, Beyonce And The Dreary Pedestal Of White Perfection

As a white woman, Swift can afford to celebrate carelessness. Beyoncé, though, knows that even her casualness has to be perfect. Read...
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Solange Knowles Gets Hitched, Proves (Again) She's The Ultimate It-Girl

Her New Orleans ceremony proves once again who really wears the (stylish) pants in the house of Knowles. Read...
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Glamour Magazine Names Lupita Nyong'o "Woman Of The Year," Beauty And Race Collide (Again)

The acknowledgment of Lupita’s elegance begins a process to alleviate any future need to add "for a . . . " to the end of “You’re beautiful.” Read...
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Watch Aziz Ansari Break Down Feminism

Aziz asked fellow feminists in Letterman's audience to clap. Let’s just say the applause . . . was less than overwhelming. Read...
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