Ravishly Mixtape Vol. 10—Unleash Your Independence!

We made you a mixtape of songs that capture our independence. Read...
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Behold! Destiny's Child Reunites, and Michelle (Finally) Gets the Spotlight

While the new song "Say Yes" is totally Jesus-centric and that's a little weird, the ditty is totally irresistible. Kelly, can you handle this? Read...
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5 Reasons Beyonce and Jay Z (Maybe) Skipped Kimye's Wedding

Kris Jenner says the wedding snub was no big deal. We don't buy it. Read...
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I'm a Woman Who Was Violent Against a Man. Here's Why I Will Never Let it Happen Again.

I deserve to be held accountable for the time I lost control and turned my partner into my victim. Read...
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Why Beyonce's Time Magazine Cover is Infuriating

I "get" that part of Beyonce's undeniable influence and business prowess is leveraging the oldest asset in the book—a woman's ass—but Time's decision Read...
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Throwback Thursday: Is Björk's Mad-Sexy Music Video Tame by Today's Standards?

On this #ThrowbackThursday, we're wondering how the ultra-tantalizing "Pagan Poetry" music video of 2001 stacks up against today's raunch. Read...
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Video Chat: Helping Long-Distance Friendships Everywhere

Beyonce and Lady Gaga agree: video chat sessions via Skype or FaceTime are an awesome way to stay close with old friends. Read...
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Bill O'Reilly Blames Out-of-Wedlock Babies on...Beyonce?

The conservative instigator has taken Beyonce to task for promoting promiscuity. And yes, his attack is racist bullshit. Read...
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