Behold the Ugly Sandal, A.K.A. The Shoe You’ll Be Wearing All Summer Long

Call it normcore, call it a revolt against stilettos, call it uglier than the Kardashian Sears Kollection, the ugly sandal is the must have shoe for Read...
Allyson Rees   |   04.24.14   |   SHARE

Hear This: Queen Bey and BOOTS are Back in Black, Maybe in Love

Beyonce blows fledgling producer BOOTS' mind by sending back his new single with her buttery vocals dripping all over it. Read...
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Will Banana Republic's New Collaboration Lead the Brand to Chic-er Shores?

BR just announced a new partnership with French designer Roland Mouret—we're crossing our fingers, toes and eyes that this new style infusion will Read...
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Minnie Driver, Beyonce and the Bikini Body Bashing Brigade

Let the ruthless bikini insults begin! (God, it's hard to be a woman.) Read...
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Beyonce's Theory on "Owning Your Sexuality" Is Easy For Her to Say

Beyonce, goddess of the charts and our hearts, released a powerful statement in Out magazine recently regarding female sexuality...but is Read...
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Sex + Love

The Best Stupid, Funny, Happy-Making Viral Videos to Kill Time Before the Weekend

This week, we bring you three grannies, two Broadway show tunes and a cat. Read...
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Three Epic Grannies Can't Handle Beyonce's Booty Heat!

Pop lyrics are often pretty damn bad. Leave it to the wiser generation to show us the way to greener (more literate) pastures. Read...
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Hear This: Beyonce's Mysterious Producer Drops a New Beat

Did you know that Beyonce had a mysterious producer on her last album? We didn’t either. Read...
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