Bradley Cooper as the New Indiana Jones? Why Not a Woman Instead

Bradley Cooper may fill the shoes of the iconic action hero. Yawn. Ladies love guns and museums, too! Here's our plea for a female Indiana Jones. Read...
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Beyonce, Sheryl Sandberg, Jane Lynch Get Behind a Ban on Bossy

An awesome new campaign aims to delete a dirty word from the vernacular of people talking about successful women. Read...
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The Best Stupid, Funny, Happy-Making Viral Videos to Kill Time Before the Weekend

This week's gleeful picks include Beyonce and donuts, Meryl Streep, Bruce Springsteen, a lucky pizza guy and...a DIY nuclear reactor? Read...
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Get Tipsy on These Adorable/Hilarious Parodies of Beyonce's "Drunk in Love"

First up: adorable emojis behaving badly. Next up: an ode to donuts. Read...
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Watch What Happens When You Try To Be Beyonce

You know how it goes, girl. You wore your favorite shoes, you've had your pineapple margarita, the hips start swaying... and then your song comes on Read...
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