sexual harassment

“Most of us don’t want that intimacy with our co-workers. We have to be with them 40 hours a week. We don’t want to hug them, too."

Please Don't Hug Me At Work 

Please don't hug me at work. Not from the front, side, and certainly not behind. Read...
Josie Gleave of SHESAID    |   12.15.17   |   SHARE
Tarana Burke is the woman who started the Me Too movement. We owe much of this movement to her efforts and activism.

The Silence Breakers Were Never Silent — We Just Weren't Listening

With the announcement of the TIME Person of the Year, the Silence Breakers, there is no doubt that our stories of sexual harassment have taken center Read...
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#NotAllMen (You Too, Matt Lauer)

Dear #NotAllMen (You Too, Matt Lauer): Welcome To Being A Woman

This shouldn’t come as a surprise any longer, because it seems like every other dude entertainment industry is a creep, but now it’s Matt Lauer. Read...
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After learning I had been assaulted, it took the men who ran my company mere moments to decide that I was the problem.

Why Women Aren’t Safe At Work

After learning I had been assaulted, it took the men who ran my company mere moments to decide that I was the problem. Women aren’t safe at work. Read...
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As a sex worker, consent is complicated

I Am A Sex Worker And Consent Is Complicated

I have a choice here: either I tell him to stop, or I can avert his hands elsewhere. This is my life as a sex worker. Consent is complicated! Read...
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Sex + Love

No #MeToo Is Too Small: The Pervasiveness Of Sexual Harassment

We must continue to acknowledge and condemn all forms of sexual harassment, regardless of how society may compartmentalize them, in order for a true Read...
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If all of these women at the top food chain are coming out with such terrible stories of abuse, you can only imagine what it’s like at the bottom.

The Entertainment Industry Protects Abusers

The entertainment industry allows abuse to flourish and allows abusers to hide behind fancy titles and big credits. Read...
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It's not your body and you do not grab at someone. That's just perfect. PERFECT.

Sam Carter, You Made A Metal Fangirl Out Of Me

To see a performer — a male performer, at that — stand up and call out groping like that? I want to scream "F*CK YEAH!" and buy that guy a drink Read...
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