I try to imagine weathering the storm of my father’s death without these animals by my side, and the thought alone nearly capsizes me.

Animal Companionship Is As Essential For My Mental Health As Human Connection

In what’s been the most difficult year of my life, animal companionship has been as essential to my mental wellbeing as the time spent with my family. Read...
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The unconditional love of a pet is like no other and makes for perfect holiday self-care!

Holiday Self-Care With Pets 

The love of a pet is like no other and makes for perfect holiday self-care! The company of animals can often be superior to the company of humans. Read...
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One Bedroom, One Bathroom, & One Big Dalmatian

He’s happy as only a dog can be, but what was I thinking, bringing a big Dalmatian into a 650-square-foot space? I was not thinking of space. Read...
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“We’ve seen these [llamas] successfully used in the Scottish Highlands keeping off foxes, and in an American study they reduced sheep kills from dogs and coyotes by 66 per cent; half of those farms saw predation stop entirely.”

Of Lynx & Llamas: Great Britain May Bring Back The Wild Cat If Llamas Cooperate

Would a llama really take out a lynx? The Lynx Trust says yes, but sheep farmers remain unconvinced. While no ruling has been made on lynx or llama Read...
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Screenshot taken from YouTube

9 Feel-Good Hurricane Harvey Videos Amidst All The Awful

When tragedy strikes, you can always count on people to be there for other people (and animals). That's what is great about most people. Underneath Read...
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This Dog Apparently Holds A Fidget Spinner World Record

We salute you, fidget spinner dog. You are a good boy. Read...
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Having A Cat Makes Me Feel Better About Being Alive

I told Winnie that I was queer before I told anyone human—late at night, in my room, after writing it down in my journal. “You won’t stop loving me Read...
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Trump's only been in office... EIGHT weeks?!

#RavsRadar: Hold Off 'Resistance Fatigue' With Some Hard-Earned Self-Care

Can you believe it’s only been eight weeks since Trump took office? That’s not even a full school marking period. It’s shorter than a 90-day free Read...
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