"Dancing is one of the most amazing things a young girl can grow up doing."

The Muscle Game: Teaching Dancers To Love Their Bodies Via Anatomy

I can't help but wonder, what could be different if I start teaching my little girls at a young age what the muscles are under all those body parts Read...
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After Sexual Abuse, How Ballet Helped One Young Woman Heal

You may not think that a sexual abuse survivor would find healing in putting on a leotard and displaying her body for others to judge, but that’s Read...
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Image: True math aficionados know this is actually a quinoa burger recipe. Courtesy of Flickr o5com

Meet 5 Vegetarians Who Stopped Eating Meat Long Before It Was De Rigeur

And here you thought it was just Pamela Anderson . . . Read...
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OMG, TSwift crawled under our legs! (Credit: Taylor Swift's YouTube channel)

Behind the Scenes of Taylor Swift's New Music Video, "Shake It Off"

A dancer/fan from TSwift's new video provides the inside scoop on an unusually gracious star. Read...
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