@virgietovar on IG: "Someone who was trying to woo me gave me this ginormous apple fritter today and I was like YES I HAVE FINALLY GOTTEN GOOD AT TELEPATHICALLY CONVEYING WHAT I EXPECT FROM MEN."

Take The Cake: Dating While Fat Shouldn’t Be This Weird 

I already feel super visible because I’m a fat woman wearing neon most likely, which I’ll admit I’m kinda into. But add a dude to the equation and Read...
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There is nothing a thinner body could give me that I do not already have. Image: Substantia Jones and The Adipositivity Project

I Got Naked For The Camera Because Fat Bodies Need To Be Seen

It’s a hard body to live in at times. But I live here. I wake up here and I go to sleep here. I go on vacation here and I wear a bikini here. I walk Read...
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Attention Fatties: Stephen Hawking Has A Weight Loss Solution Just For You!

Here’s something that isn’t rocket science either, Stephen Hawking: Diets don’t work. Read...
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Can We Let Fat People Own Their Sexuality Already?

Instead of being allowed to exist as fully complex and sexual human beings, they’re relegated to being a tag in pornography. They’re seen as a guilty Read...
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The War On Obesity – Dead Or Alive

In the face of funding shortages, Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has decided that patients with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or Read...
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Take the Cake: Do Thin Women Get This Many Texts About Penises, Part 2

Read Part 1 here. To figure out how I Read...
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5 Ways To Make Peace With A Body You Don’t Love

I’m mostly really ok, even when my body feels like a sack of skin. If you’re wondering how you can live in your skin-sack peacefully, here are five Read...
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Take The Cake: My Fat Freelance Life — I Work Where I Want

I do conference calls from wherever I am at the moment. I answer work emails on the train, while I’m waiting in line for tacos, and (for better or Read...
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