long hair rule

Bye-Bye To The Stupid Long Hair Rule 

Listen to your mother. I did. Briefly. She was adamant that it was wrong for a woman over 40 to wear a long hairstyle. I believed her. Then...not Read...
Kelli H. Clevenger    |   05.26.15   |   SHARE

Fringe Fashion: A Very Hairy Situation With Charlie le Mindu

Meet Charlie le Mindu, the man behind 'haute coiffure' — yep, that's wearable hair fashion. Read...
Flora Tsapovsky   |   01.9.15   |   SHARE

On Hair: The Many Sides of Bob

It seems that no matter how far back you go, the bob has established a pattern of impact, from Read...
Kate Zaliznock   |   03.4.14   |   SHARE