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Bye-Bye To The Stupid Long Hair Rule 

Listen to your mother. I did. Briefly. She was adamant that it was wrong for a woman over 40 to wear a long hairstyle. I believed her. Then...not Read...
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The Reality Of Chronic Pain Is Different From The Movies

We are all one bad fall, one car accident, one bodily breakdown from living within a place that is largely unimaginable to those who aren't there. Read...
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Clearly, this woman is miserable and wants a baby ASAP. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Watch: Jennifer Aniston Slams Tabloid Haters, Talks Feminism

Jen has a message for everyone who thinks she can't be happy without a hubby and a baby. And it's a doozy. Read...
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Watch Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry Peddle Windows 95 in Ridiculous Ad

The price must have been right for this odd 1990s collaboration between a pair of Friends superstars. Read...
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Jennifer Aniston Slams Tabloids: Why? Because they Suck

Just how right was Jen when she said tabloids are "toxic"? Our research reveals . . . very. Read...
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Tabloid Table Turning: Shining Light on a Male Superstar’s Love Life

The latest cover of Star magazine features a photo of a miserable looking Jennifer Aniston, with the caption “ Read...
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