Poppies might be "natural," but last time I checked, opium's not great for you... Image: Thinkstock.

7 Myths That Contribute To The Stigma Around Addiction

How can we combat stigma? One way is to debunk the myths about addiction that currently saturate the public conversation. By breaking down these Read...
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8 Romantic Movie Myths You Should Never Aspire To

You suddenly spot someone from across the room, on a train to work, or a gas station, and your heart instantly skips a beat, palms get sweaty and you Read...
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Why It's Time to Ditch Betsy Ross

The myth surrounding this Revolutionary War figure might be the lamest in history. Read...
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Bigfoot Abounds: Why Are We So Into Monster-Men Myths?

If it was simply about the discovery of new species, we could find a handful fairly easily. Scientists continually discover new life in rain forests Read...
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