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Thamarr of Musings of A Curvy Lady (@musingsofacurvylady) || Image by Lily Larson Photography

11 Plus-Size Outfits Perfect For The Brunch Crew

Brunch has been boujee since your rich aunt was your age. Check out these 11 plus-size fashionistas as they show us how to do brunch. Read...
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Check out these 20 fantastic plus-size bridesmaid looks! (Photo by Stacey Landino)

20 Plus-Size Bridesmaid Looks To Rock Down The Aisle

As you fight through dress after dress, remember this: You will rock it. You will look fabulous. Check out these 20 fantastic plus-size bridesmaid Read...
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Image by Suma Jane Dark

Big, Fat Love: 5 Plus-Size Couples Show That Valentines Come In All Sizes

This Valentine’s Day, our valentines to you are these vignettes of fat love told by the women, femmes, and non-binary folks within these plus size Read...
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We are told that our bodies are simultaneously transitional and monolithic.

Why Don't Luxury Brands Want To Dress Fat People?

Luxury brands don't want to dress fat people. "Higher-end luxury options are sorely missing in Plus fashion,” Cafone explains. Read...
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The 2018 Pantone Color of the Year may be named Ultra Violet (after the invisible light rays), but we can take it to mean EXTRA violet.

15 Plus-Size Fashionistas Show Us How To Rock Ultra Violet

With such an vibrant color and the intense feelings that come with it, ultra violet can be a little intimidating to style but these fashionistas rock Read...
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This is low-maintenance chic!

Low-Maintenance Chic Is For Every Body

These plus-size femmes talk about what happens when they reclaim their low-maintenance comfort zone. This is low-maintenance chic! Read...
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Instagram Photo Credit: Autumn @auaulynn

New Year, Nude You: Celebrating Plus-Size Bodies In 2018

We’re inundated with diet talk. But what about those of us who are content, or want to be happy as who we are? Let's celebrate - New Year, Nude You! Read...
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Many curvy burlesque performers are making the art new and exciting.

16 Plus And Curvy Burlesque Dancers

Burlesque is one of the few remaining artforms where the public embraces curves, rather than fights against them. Here are 16 curvy burlesque dancers! Read...
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