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Inglorious Touch 

Pulling the plug on the numbing forces you to look at your past, dealing with the knives you’ve been carting around which are now being thrown. Read...
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Long Reads
This moment or movement has freed up much-needed SPACE for us to fill with our personal experiences with men that range from violent rape to subtle coercion and harassment.

Can Straight Couples Survive #MeToo?

As women build and strengthen our communities, and find commonalities over male-related traumas, where does that leave us in our relationships with Read...
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Sex + Love
She’s Gotta Have It didn’t help my brain chill out because it came with a much heavier dosage of reality than I expected but, at that moment, it turned out to be what I needed.

“She’s Gotta Have It” Helped Me Process My Assault

“She’s Gotta Have It” came with a much heavier dosage of reality than I expected but, at that moment, it turned out to be what I needed. Read...
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#NotAllMen (You Too, Matt Lauer)

Dear #NotAllMen (You Too, Matt Lauer): Welcome To Being A Woman

This shouldn’t come as a surprise any longer, because it seems like every other dude entertainment industry is a creep, but now it’s Matt Lauer. Read...
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The entire situation of being sexually assaulted abroad was very uncomfortable, and I honestly didn't know what to do.

Sexually Assaulted Abroad

I was sexually assaulted abroad and I honestly didn't know what to do. I was stunned, relieved, and confused — so many emotions were running through Read...
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As a sex worker, consent is complicated

I Am A Sex Worker And Consent Is Complicated

I have a choice here: either I tell him to stop, or I can avert his hands elsewhere. This is my life as a sex worker. Consent is complicated! Read...
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Sex + Love
He assaulted me, and my prevailing feeling was shame.

Why Did My Sexual Assault Cause Shame?

He violated me and robbed me of an innocence I would never recover. He did this to me. Why did my sexual assault cause shame? Read...
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I am taking accountability and making this ugliness public so that others struggling with their own misogyny might recognize themselves and take steps to heal, too.

Me, Too: Confronting My Own Misogyny 

Me, Too: confronting my own misogyny. Change can’t come from a social media campaign alone, but from constant personal diligence by us all. Read...
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