Kurt Cobain's Twisted Courtney Love Vows: What Do They Mean?

Does a newly released note support the theory that Love was responsible for Cobain's suicide? Read...
Giana Ciapponi    |   04.30.14   |   SHARE
Sex + Love

Science is Sweet: Youth-Extending Revelations from Study of Centenarian's Body

Scientists delved into the tissues of a 115-year old woman, and came up with a possibility for rejuvenating our bodies. Read...
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Diet Slam of the Week: Saying Goodbye to Deadly Diet Soda

New research has us accepting that it's finally time to move on from our beloved Diet Coke. Sigh. Read...
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No Way! Founder of Notorious Westboro Baptist Church was a Democrat Who Once Fought for Civil Rights

The notorious Fred Phelps’ biography leaves us scratching our heads, and demonstrates how messy ideologies can be. Read...
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The Ugly Side of Soccer: 900 Workers Dead in Preparation for Qatar World Cup—When Will the Madness Stop?

Migrant construction workers for the 2022 World Cup are dying in droves—and construction completion is still years away. If estimates are correct, Read...
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Want to Hike Everest? You'll Be Carrying Some Sh*t Down the Mountain (Literally)

Mt. Everest. Where mountaineers go to die, where Sherpas Read...
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Alleged Murderer, Paralympic Champion Oscar Pistorius, to Go on Trial for Death of Girlfriend

Hearts collectively broke all across the globe last year on Valentine’s Day, but not for the usual love-lorn reasons. Oscar Pistorius—the Read...
Giana Ciapponi    |   02.15.14   |   SHARE

Sick, Sad World: Online Binge-drinking Game Neknomination Kills Two Brits

Good grief, sometimes the Internet can be such a dastardly twisted place. From the evil bowels of online bullying and government surveillance, to Read...
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