Working Monday To Friday: A Week In Gifs

It’s Friday, or, as we at Ravishly call it...FRIYAY! Read...
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21 Ways You Know You're A Mother

14. You believe that being in the pool is basically the same as being in a bath. Chlorine works at least as good as soap. Read...
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Trying to pee whilst standing in a puddle of another dude's pee. (Image Credit: Unsplash/Aaron Barnaby)

23 Really Important Questions I Have For The Guy Who Used The Airplane Bathroom Right Before Me

Here's what I want to ask the guy who used this airplane bathroom right before me: 1. Dude, seriously? 2. Like, I know the flight was kinda bumpy, Read...
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Hell Hath No Fury: The 5 Craziest Cheating Revenge Stories

Was it worth it? Decide for yourself. Read...
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Death By Zumba

If I had a spirit animal, it would be the sloth. And that slot would be binge-watching Transparent instead of going to the gym. Read...
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Japanese Guides To U.S. Travel—Translated For Your Viewing Pleasure

“In Japan, hip hop clothes are considered stylish. But in the United States, it is wise to avoid them." Read...
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Watch: Daniel Radcliffe Is A Magical Rapper—Can You Keep Up?

Forget Harry Potter—just for (an incredible) four minutes. Read...
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Watch: What Would Happen If Men Had To Deal With Prescription Condoms?

Answer: According to this video? It would be hilarious. Read...
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