Watch: Mary Poppins is Fed Up with the Minimum Wage

This practically perfect nanny is quitting her ill-paying job, but not before teaching the children a valuable lesson about the poverty line. Read...
Jane Jones   |   07.25.14   |   SHARE

Honoring the Lives of Two Pioneering AIDS Researchers Lost in MH17 

Lives aren't the only things lost when tragedy strikes. Read...
Giana Ciapponi    |   07.18.14   |   SHARE

Will Brazil’s World Cup Loss Mean the Boot for Their President?

Research on voter behavior sheds light on whether Brazil’s inglorious game could lead to political reckoning. Read...
Jane Jones   |   07.11.14   |   SHARE

The Ruined Reputation of China’s First and Only Empress

By normal measures of imperial China, Empress Wu Zetian did a pretty solid job. So why has she been impugned in history? Read...
Jane Jones   |   07.10.14   |   SHARE

Dear Bolivia: Child Labor Should Not be the Answer to Your Economic Woes

In Bolivia, children as young as 10 can now enter the workforce. How will the country's youth be affected by this decision? Read...
Kate Zaliznock   |   07.9.14   |   SHARE

Justice Not Served: India's Low-Caste Rape Epidemic

In one northern Indian state, an estimated 90% of rape victims belong to the lowest caste. Read...
Giana Ciapponi    |   06.6.14   |   SHARE

High on History: 18th Century Birthing Freak Show is Ingenious, Repulsive

Here's how one woman devised an insane scheme for a ticket out of dismal 18th century life. Read...
Jane Jones   |   05.24.14   |   SHARE

Catholic High Schoolers Protest After Homophobic Nun's Speech

Usually when people say, "children are the future," everyone panics. In this instance, we cheered. Read...
Giana Ciapponi    |   04.4.14   |   SHARE
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