“The access to reproductive rights has gotten worse. Opponents are starting to succeed.” Image: Words Of Choice.

The Reproductive Freedom Festival Is LIVE March 20!

Mark your calendars for The Reproductive Freedom Festival on the evening of March 20. Over three hours of live performances will be streamed from a Read...
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Sex + LoveVoices
The worst part was that I didn’t feel like I could talk to anyone about it.

I Wish My Friends Would Have Asked If I Was Gay

When I told my friends I was gay, the majority of them said, "I knew it! I kept wondering why you wouldn't tell me." But they never made me feel like Read...
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“I feel like I’m a supporting character in my own life.”

Insightful Comments Psychologists Have Heard From Patients About Mental Illness

Thanks to awareness campaigns, programs and organisations, our general understanding and recognition of mental illness is improving. However, it’s Read...
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My heart was broken. I could not imagine life without her in it.

She Is All Around Me: The Story Of My Granny, My SHEro

I didn't get a lot of mothering as a child, but when I did, it was from her. She taught me how to sew, how to crochet. She taught me how to stand up Read...
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She had lived a long time, but constant fear had governed her life.

What My Grandmother Taught Me About Fear Culture

Perhaps more than other cultures, America is obsessed with the illusion that if we prepare, we can avoid. Instead of learning to be resilient and Read...
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You don’t get a free pass to “Feminism Land” because you read the same ‘zines we do.

An Open Letter To Lazy Feminist Men

You can’t just sit there and post links; you can’t just talk a big game. You have to walk the walk. Want to make the world a better place for us? Read...
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All these years later, my eyes still sting when I think about what she did for me...

My SHEro: The Teacher Who Pretended To Be My Mother For The Day

When I was in third grade, my parents got divorced. My mom went back to school full-time in the hopes of beginning a new career that would support us Read...
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Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons, Erica Jong

The Women Who Made Me The Person I Am Today

It isn’t until I actually sat down and thought about it that I realized that the badass feminist babe I am today is predominantly the creation of a Read...
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