Credit: Andrew Thomas Huang's YouTube Channel

Watch: "Dollface," A Video About Our Society's Scary Obsession With Beauty

Beauty aspirations can be deadly. You know that, right? Read...
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New GOP Ad Targets Women With Wedding Dresses, Goes Viral For Reasons It Didn't Intend

The GOP says yes to tone-deaf-ness. Read...
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Credit: Ello

What The Hell Is Ello—And Will It Be The New Facebook?

It's touting itself as the ad-free answer to all our social network dreams. But does Ello really have what it takes to succeed? Read...
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Behold! The 9 Most Ridiculous Fat-Shaming Diet Ads in History

Damn, it's hard to be a woman. Read...
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American Apparel swimsuit ad

American Apparel's Sketchy CEO is Canned; We Rejoice

Dov Charney was let go in wake of a harassment scandal. But there's more to the story of his firing than that. Read...
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Sex + Love

A Beauty Ad Gets Real—Dermablend Celebrates Imperfection

Watch three videos that ask us to question and confront our own biases about true beauty. Read...
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