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This Crowdsourced Porn Series Wants To Film Your Fantasy (NSFW)

XConfessions uses real-life fantasies as inspiration for short erotic films. Could yours be next? Read...
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Porn Director: "I Changed My Mind About Condoms"

For a long time, I agreed that condoms in porn meant certain death to sales. Read...
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My Experiences Writing Closed Captioning For Porn

I fell into captioning porn entirely by accident. Read...
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The writer with Christy Canyon

Confessions Of A Smut Scribe Turned Soccer Mom

You see, before I became a soccer mom, I was a sex writer. And a damn good one. Read...
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A Biased Review Of Ban This Sick Filth, The Adult Film Challenging The UK's Controversial Porn Ban

A new porn flick, starring some performers I know intimately, depicts acts that have been barred by the British state. Read...
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