Air Force

Exclusive: Military Base Bars Women From Breastfeeding In Public

Attention Civilians: Colonel David Iverson does not want to see your boobs.

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Veterans Group Slams Fox News For Sexist 'Boobs On The Ground' Comment—And It's Amazing

Usually we try to ignore Fox News. But this epic takedown was too good to pass up.

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Inside the Sexual Harassment Investigation of Navy Hotshots

Nude girlfriend pics, a painted penis and “pornkins”—the Blue Angels earn creativity points for lewdness in the office.


Want to Write to Aliens? Have We Got the Mailbox for You!

A mailbox just outside Nevada’s infamous Area 51 is dedicated to alien use, after a rancher had it up to here with harassment of his own mailbox.


Research Experiment Tries to Help Weak Students; Fails Miserably

The logic behind grouping certain students together seemed airtight, so what went wrong?