It's the most wonderful time of the year... Image: <a href="">Wikipedia</a>

Growing Up In Darkness: Home For The Holidays In Alaska

In Anchorage, Alaska, there are 5 hours, 27 minutes of daylight on December 21. The good news: The numbers only go up for the next six months. The bad news: December 22 has merely seconds more light.

It's time.

A Prisoner Dead: It's Time For Alaska's Correction Reform

I wondered what the difference in treatment would be between a white man accused of assaulting an Alaska Native woman and that same Alaska Native woman accused of nonviolent criminal mischief.


Vigilante Justice Takes Hold in Remote Alaskan Village

The Alaskan town of Tanana has a riffraff-be-gone policy. Is banishment the best choice to beat crime in super-rural communities?


Watch: Other-Worldy Timelapse of Alaskan Northern Lights

The earth’s magnetic poles can provide quite a light show in the 49th state.