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That Time Reebok Reissued Ellen Ripley's Shoes And Forgot She Was A Woman

Let me preface this by saying that I thank the good Lord every day tha


Real Life Or Sci-Fi? Scientists Debate Alien Communication

As the great Billy Shakespeare once wrote, "To contact aliens, or not to contact aliens? That is the question." 

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No Scream Queens Allowed: Our 11 Favorite Women Of Horror Films

Carrie, The Alien Queen and Clarice Starling are definitely invited to our Halloween party.


Humanity's Legacy Might be the Tunnels and Holes We've Dug

An easy-to-forget feature of human ingenuity may be the final vestige of our time in the universe.


Mysterious Crater Found in Siberia: Conspiracy Theories Abound

No one is sure what (or who) formed a recently-discovered pit in the tundra. Aliens? Biological weapon developers? You decide.


Jesus Christ: Messiah, Superstar and . . . Japanese Rice Farmer?

According to a set of ancient religious texts, Jesus spent time as a happily married rice farmer in Japan.


Science is Sweet: “Mega-Earth” Discovery Shocks Scientists

Long-maligned simply as gassy afterthoughts, Kepler data shows giant planets can have life-hospitable conditions.


Want to Write to Aliens? Have We Got the Mailbox for You!

A mailbox just outside Nevada’s infamous Area 51 is dedicated to alien use, after a rancher had it up to here with harassment of his own mailbox.