art by Julia Green

HEY! It's MerMAY! 

Because of my love of mermaids (and my desire to share that love) I have for compiled of few of my favorites for your viewing enjoyment. The world is full of so much garbage right now, take three minutes to bask in mermay glory.

Image courtesy of Lauren Crew

If I Were SZA's Sex Coach

SZA’s confessional style is what really got me hooked and why her lyrics resonate with so many people. She shares feelings we all have about sex and dating.

LuLaRoe steals not just from their consultants, but also from artists!

All The Ways LuLaRoe Steals Your Time, Money, And Intellectual Property

LuLaRoe is terrible. Their leggings are soft, and that’s where the positive things I have to say end. LulaRoe steals and I'm not afraid to talk about it.


Does Making A List Of The Greatest Female Comics Creators Denigrate Women?

Is it insulting to ask about the greatest female comics creator?


Cami Latron: Metalworker, Beatmaker

Spotted at: 24th Street Mission, SF

Credit: ThinkStock

There's No Glamor In Writing: I'm Not A Blogger—I'm A Slogger

Writing can be hard and uncomfortable and precarious—but it's hard and uncomfortable and precarious in the way that any job can be.


Trinity Cross: Founder, Field Day And Friends

sustainable clothing maker. believer in bedsheets. urban farmer.

He looks so serious—and so ready for the Super Bowl (Credit: Facebook)

Watch: Why Fans Want Weird Al to Perform at the Super Bowl Halftime Show

We have to say . . . we kind of love this idea.