Noah Berlatsky

Noah Berlatsky


Noah Berlatsky is a contributing writer for The Atlantic. He edits the online comics-and-culture website The Hooded Utilitarian and is the author of the forthcoming book Wonder Woman: Bondage and Feminism in the Marston/Peter Comics, 1941-1948.

Noah Berlatsky Articles

Émilie Du Châtelet (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Where Are All The Female Philosophers?

Is the gender of the philosopher a marginal curiosity—or is it more central?


Taylor Swift, Aphex Twin Mashup Brilliantly Challenges Gender Stereotypes

David Ress' Aphexswift is genius precisely because it's so unlikely.

Michael Ealy. Image: Wikimedia Commons

Misogyny, Violence and Stalking: A Review Of The Perfect Guy

The surface text of the film is that you can't trust some guys. The (barely) subtext is that you can't trust any guys.

Image: Wikipedia

Surprise (Not Really)! Marvel's Ant-Man Is Sexist 

At first, this looks like sexism. And then you realize, hey, this is sexism. Hope isn't allowed to do the dangerous job because Pym has put her on a pedestal, and won't let her off it.


Is All Art Political?

Art without politics actually results in a sweeping Puritanism. For art to have power, it needs to engage with power, with politics.


The Strange Intersection Of Anti-Semitism And Anti-Blackness Racism

If you want America to relearn how to hate white Jews, the quickest way to do that is to associate them with black people.


This Is What Happens When Your Family Decides To Get A Dog

If my wife and son had thought bubbles above their heads, like in the comics, you would be able to read them saying, "dog dog dog dog dog dog dog."


GQ Covers Reveal How Women And Men Are Sexually Objectified—But In Very Different Ways

A new Facebook post calls into question cover depictions of hyper-sexualized men and women.

The brilliantly named Dickless (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Women In Metal: 9 Tracks From The Genderless Utopia Of Death

Metal aggression isn't sexual, but existential. As a result, women in the genre are both rare and unexpectedly equal.

Credit: Thinkstock

Heavy Metal Tries To Join Forces With #GamerGate . . . And Fails 

For a second, it looked like the rabid hordes of gamergaters would be joined by metalheads. But #metalgate was never meant to be.