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"remember that the lives of women are as real as your own."

Ask A Feminist: Can I Be A Feminist If I'm A Man?

Finally, and this is very very important because it’s how feminism might go viral among men, you have to remain a feminist even when no women are around. That means, when you’re in a group of all guys and someone say something sexist as fuck, instead of laughing, you have to say “Dude. That was sexist as fuck.”

What, you don't use your mop as a mic?

Ask A Feminist: Can I Be A Feminist If I'm A SAHM?

As a political philosophy, feminism proposes that women are entitled to all the same rights as men under the law. There was a time when this was a radical notion and it required a whole lot of hard work to make certain crucial elements of that possible. Such as a the right of women to vote. Or to own property. Or to obtain divorce. Or sign contracts. Or use birth control.