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Audre Lorde

Celebrating Black History Month: Warrior Poet Audre Lorde

Basically, the lady got a lot of stuff done, and we are forever indebted to her for it. Read...
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Not all women are responding to Clinton’s message, because her vision of feminism does little to recognize the various and differing issues women face. Image: Glenn Fawcett/Wikipedia.

Hillary Clinton Tries to Grasp 'Intersectionality' to Understand the Mix of Race, Gender and Class — Does She Get It?

When Clinton dismisses her women critics as merely whiny, she also dismisses their concerns, and exemplifies the exact single-issue mainstream Read...
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What I Learned About Poetry From My Professor, Audre Lorde

I was 21 –– a Catholic, heterosexual college student, living at home in Brooklyn and still trying to discover who I was. At the crossroads of her Read...
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For Black Women, Self-Care Is A Radical Act

Placing ourselves at the center of our lives is an act of political warfare. Read...
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This baby gets it. Credit: Thinkstock

Why Women Should Get Angrier: The Tremendous Value Of Being Pissed Off

Anger gets a bad rap. Tune out the bullshit. Read...
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