Chelsea Bieker's Godshot

A Q&A With Chelsea Bieker, Author Of Godshot

Possessed of an unstoppable plot and a brilliantly soulful voice, Godshot is a book of grit and humor and heart, a debut novel about female friendship and resilience, mother-loss and motherhood, and seeking salvation in unexpected places. Read...
Rachael Wolff's Letters from a Better Me

Letters From A Better Me: A Q&A With Author Rachael Wolff

In 2016, I wrote an open letter on my blog about judgment. I signed it, “A Better Me.” From there, I started writing more and more. I’ve been writing letters for so long, both to others and myself, they are the place I feel most vulnerable, honest, committed, and intimate. Read...
Laura Zam's The Pleasure Plan

The Pleasure Plan: A Q&A With Author Laura Zam

Based on Laura Zam’s essays in The New York Times’ Modern Love column and Salon, THE PLEASURE PLAN is a memoir, a sexual healing guide, and a love story. Read...
Image of book and Milly courtesy of Carrie Callaghan.

The Many, Many Lovers Of Milly Bennett

She had too many lovers. Too many lovers, that is, for me to reasonably account for in a 300-page novel covering approximately six years of journalist Milly Bennett’s life. Read...
Photo courtesy of the author.

How Young Adult Literature Influences Animal Conservation

I believe it's the youth of today who hold the answers for tomorrow. Read...
Photo courtesy of Gigi Engle

All The F*cking Mistakes: A Q&A With Gigi Engle

If you've ever wished you had a big sister or older cousin who could show you all the ropes of womanhood, look no further: Gigi Engle has done it all and is here to tell you all about it. Read...
Author Ruby McConnell

Ground Truth: A Q&A With Author Ruby McConnell

In Ground Truth, scientist and writer Ruby McConnell explores the connections between the landscapes we live in and the impact they have on our families, communities, and in our hearts. Read...
Bad Tourist by Suzanne Roberts

Cover Reveal: A First Look At Suzanne Roberts' Bad Tourist

Ravishly presents a first look at the cover for Suzanne Roberts' Bad Tourist: Misadventures in Love and Travel (University of Nebraska Press, October 2020).

Bad Tourist

Both a memoir in travel essays and an anti-guidebook, Bad Tourist takes us across four continents to fifteen countries, showing us what not to do when traveling. A woman learning to claim her own desires and adventures, Suzanne Roberts encounters lightning and landslides, sharks and piranha-infested waters, a nightclub drugging, burning bodies, and brief affairs as she searches for the love of her life and finally herself.