"In A Heartbeat"

"In A Heartbeat:" The Animated Short That's Got The Internet In Full Swoon-Mode

Animated short "In A Heartbeat:" A film about the most special kind of love — the young kind.

Matt Joseph Diaz

#MondayMotivation With Matt Joseph Diaz: Something Different — We're Talking Cartoons

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Happy 25th Birthday, Little Mermaid! Was King Triton A Feminist Father?

Ariel is a headstrong gal. But oft-overlooked is the depiction of King Triton, a more complicated (mer)man than we give him credit for.

Credit: Oh my Disney YouTube

Watch: Ducks Own Epically Adorable DuckTales Recreation

Because sometimes you need a duck-tastic 74-second break from real life.

Five apples tall, just like a real 8-year-old girl. (Credit: Facebook)

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Here's a brief history of the most famous cat that's apparently not a cat (what gives, Sanrio?).


A Frozen Virgin No More: What Happened When I Finally Watched Disney's Mega-Hit

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Danes Say, "Vote or Die!" Literally.

Featuring sex, violence and latent homosexuality, this pro-voting ad is nothing short of surreal.