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No one has ever explained to me what “be careful” means in this context. (Image: Thinkstock)

Why Are Men Always Telling Me To Be Careful?

I’m not scared on the street very often, but y’all, this time I was scared. But if there’s one thing I know, it is that you do not answer these guys Read...
David Minerva Clover    |   09.26.16   |   SHARE
Britni de la Cretaz.

An Open Letter To Men: Why I Don’t Care What You Think About My Amazing Technicolor Dream Hair

My hair makes me happy and I dye it for my own enjoyment— not for yours. I mean, that’s cool if you happen to like it, too, but you don’t have to Read...
Britni de la Cretaz    |   01.12.16   |   SHARE
I will be.

Why I Will No Longer Feel Ashamed For Having A Body!

For years I felt ashamed for having a body. Embarrassed to have big boobs. Embarrassed to be anything but tiny and perfect. Embarrassed to be Read...
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Daily Quote: Buenos Aires Mayor Says Cat-Calling is Awesome

Today's Daily Quote is nothing short of slap-worthy. Buenos Aires Mayor, Mauricio Macri, announced to the world that he's a misogynistic nightmare. Read...
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