The author in 1991 at age 18.

Sexual Assault By An Ivy League Lawyer? Me, Too.

And Mr. Ivy League, if you’re reading this, know that you caused harm. I’m setting down my shame, like an old coat that no longer fits. The shame is Read...
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Mommabare: Talking About Sex With Our Daughters (image credit: Julia Green)

Mommabare: Talking About Sex With Our Daughters

When talking about sex with our daughters, please remember that way boys and girls experience sex, both socially and actually, is often vastly Read...
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Sex that isn't consensual is not consensual, whether your married or not.

Is It Sexual Assault If You're Married?

It never felt like sexual assault, him taking the sex I didn’t offer. It felt more like a silent agreement. I surrendered to sex; he didn’t complain. Read...
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While I didn’t get in trouble, and they let the underage drinking slide, I could feel judgment. I didn’t report my attempted attack. Image: Mamamia team, author.

I Was Almost Raped — And When I Spoke Out, Ended Up With Zero Friends.

I know he did not finish our program duration. I know that I finished the program with no friends, and very few people who even believed me. I Read...
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The young women interviewed described using fake orgasms as a tool to “escape” a situation in which they otherwise had no control. Image: Thinkstock.

Women Are Faking Orgasms In An Attempt To End 'Coercive' Sex

The tale of women faking the big O has been around forever, and is often bandied about as a joke. But when it becomes an act of self protection, it Read...
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We’re all familiar with the anti-rape catchphrase of the modern era, that ‘No means no’, but far less resolute when it comes to the topic of coercion. Image: Zach Guinta/Unsplash.

When 'Yes' Means 'No': How I Let My Boyfriend Rape Me

The more he pressured and guilted me, the more distant I felt from him, and the less I felt like becoming sexually aroused was even a faint Read...
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