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I Owe My Life To My Mother's Abortion

Seven years before I was born, my mother made a decision that would change her life—and lead to mine.

Wouldn’t it be nice to smoke just a tiny bit of it?

Mom Fail: My Kid Caught Me Getting High

I lit-up, inhaled, and slowly released the sweet smoke. It was beautiful and relaxing until I was interrupted with these, dreaded, words: “MOM?! Are you smoking?”

Being a full-time caregiver can be exhausting at times, but the hardest part is honestly the isolation.

I’m 30 And A Full-Time Caregiver (And It’s Isolating)

While I may not get flowers on Mother’s Day, I live with the daily responsibilities that go along with the adulting of parenthood as a full-time caregiver.

The toxic ripples of Election 2016. (Image Credit: Unsplash / Drew Hays)

This Election Cycle Has Ruined My Sex Drive

... the last thing I want to do is open my legs for a man to penetrate me. Or to pleasure a man with any part of my body. Even if that man is my loving fiancé, who does listen, who does understand (as best he can), who does respect me through this ongoing turmoil. It is all too symbolic of the lifetime I have already experienced of being fucked and then told to smile and politely ask for more.


Confession: My Fear Of Being Thought A Racist Led To A Black Eye

"The biggest boy assured me they would be. But the ball play got even more intense. Were they aiming the ball at my kids or was it just my imagination?"

I had to choose my own health and happiness over having a dad.

Why I Don't Regret Ending My Relationship With My Alcoholic Father 

My own father was, and still is an alcoholic, and is no longer a part of my life. Although he was never violent, his alcoholism still deeply affected and damaged our family, and me.


Confession: I Got Busted By A Park Ranger For Camping Naked

It was all going well . . . until the SWAT team arrived.

Image: Maddy Sutherland Illustration (Instagram: @maddy.sutherland)

Are People You Meet On The Internet Really More Dangerous Than In Real Life?

What's more dangerous — meeting people on the Internet or meeting people in real life?


What My Son's Stay In A Psychiatric Hospital Taught Me About Resilience

When I left the hospital the night that he was admitted, I sat in the parking lot gasping with big ugly sobs and looking for someone to blame — beginning with myself. I'm his mother, and I'm the only consistent parent he's ever had. As I finally made my way home, with tears streaming down my face and my mouth open in a silent scream of pain, all I could ask myself was "what have I done?" How could I have allowed my son to be hurt so deeply, and in so many ways?