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Even if you desperately need help, even if you want it, it's sometimes very hard to ask for it. Here are easy ways to help a new parent!

Easy Ways To Help A New Parent

Even if you desperately need help, even if you want it, it's sometimes very hard to ask for it. So here are some easy ways to help a new parent!
joni edelman, RN   |   10.23.17 12:27pm   |   SHARE
Beyond Before & After 2.0: Alternate Nostril Breathing

Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Shodhana): What? Why? How?

Alternate nostril breathing is not regular old breathing. This is like Breathing 2.0. Advanced Breathing. This is like the AP Calculus of respiration.
joni edelman, RN   |   10.23.17 12:01am   |   SHARE
"You should go to Target alone." BYE.

11 Of The Best Things My Husband Has Ever Said To Me

The best things my husband has ever said to me are the things I don’t expect at all. I love you is good, but “go to Target alone”? That’s true love!
joni edelman, RN   |   10.20.17 12:01am   |   SHARE
I wish I had a mother. I don’t miss her; I do miss the idea of her.

I Wish I Had A Mother

Biologically speaking, I do have a "mother." There is a woman somewhere who gave birth to me. But that's not a mom and I really wish I had a mother!
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Instead of "Me, too" why don't we say, "I believe you"?

The "Me, Too" Viral Status Is Important, But Let's Talk About Something Else

It’s painful enough to have to revisit your abuse every time a new viral movement takes hold. What if, instead of “Me, too” we said, “I believe you?
joni edelman, RN   |   10.16.17 8:46am   |   SHARE
What's Ghee? Mariah Sharp @MightyMooseArt

The Fundamentals: Yoga And Ghee (What's Ghee?)

I told Joni to eat ghee and do yoga every morning as her first steps towards a more integrated pitta dosha, she thought that it was an odd request.
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Will Smith made me cry.

Will Smith Has A New Single And It Is So Bad

My Boo Will Smith has a new single out. AND IT IS AWFUL.
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My feminism is somewhere between get a man/keep a man, and I don’t need a man at all.

Feminism Or Sexism?

The actual, living, breathing feminism is far more nuanced than just equality. This feminism includes how women function in the world and on what terms.
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Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month is hard. We get it! So here's some self-care.

Self-Care For When You Just Can’t Read Another Pregnancy Loss Article

Pregnancy Loss Awareness month is very important. It’s also very depressing. So here's some self-care when you can't read another pregnancy loss article.
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I will not be quiet. I will not silence myself or forget my daughter because you are uncomfortable.

I Don't Care If You Don't Like It; I Will Not Stop Talking About The Death Of My Baby

People don’t like when you talk about your dead baby. They don’t know what to say. They just don’t want to think about death and loss.
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