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How I Manage My Social Anxiety at Work — And 6 Ways You Can, Too

As I look around my office, I know that one in ten of my colleagues have social anxiety. But I still feel like it’s my secret problem. Read...
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Poppies might be "natural," but last time I checked, opium's not great for you... Image: Thinkstock.

7 Myths That Contribute To The Stigma Around Addiction

How can we combat stigma? One way is to debunk the myths about addiction that currently saturate the public conversation. By breaking down these Read...
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It took until my early 20s to learn I suffered from OCD, and that life didn’t have to be like this. Image: quimuns/Pixabay

Growing Up With OCD

The fear of my parents getting killed driving me there or back loomed around every decision. I always went with my parents on every errand possible, Read...
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Why I Think Everyone Should Have A Therapist

I firmly believe that every person on the planet could benefit from therapy. I myself have been going to therapy every week for about four years and Read...
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Help! I'm Pregnant And Hate My New Body

I’m four months pregnant and already can’t bear the sight of my growing stomach. I'm worried I'm not eating enough and that scares me. Read...
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Help! How Do I Know If I Should Get Married?

I know I love my boyfriend and I think I’m ready to get married but how do I know if he’s the one I want to spend the rest of my Read...
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